Monday, April 09, 2007


Hi folks,

Well it’s been a while since our last update and you’re probably wondering what’s been going on. I’ve purposely held off writing while waiting for an answer from the Lord concerning the issue with a mother church. After many prayers and several careful steps to develop a relationship, I’m happy to announce that Mt. Signal Baptist Church, located on Old Highway 280 in the heart of Chelsea, has taken a step of faith and voted unanimously to be our mother church.

Tricia and I had the opportunity to address a small group from the church a couple of months ago with the vision that God has given to us and then I was invited back to preach a couple of weeks later. Mt. Signal voted this past Sunday morning and they have agreed to help us in this mission opportunity by their commitment to prayer and by way of administrative support. We are so grateful to Pastor Leonard Irvin and to the congregation of Mt. Signal Baptist Church for all their hard work and dedication in this most important matter and we look forward to working hand in hand with them in the future.

We have quite a few legal and financial issues to iron out over the next few weeks and we will need your prayer in these matters. We have also been invited to participate with Mt. Signal in the spring arts and crafts show held in Chelsea on April 28th. They have so graciously agreed to sponsor us in this outreach opportunity and we thank them for that as well. Speaking of this outreach opportunity, if anyone would like to join us in handing out brochures and cold bottled water and socializing with the good people of Chelsea and getting the name of Mountainview Church out to the community, you are more than welcome to do so. For more information, contact Tricia or myself.

Also please continue to pray for the following items: A core group, worship leader and team, a meeting place, other sponsor churches and financial support, our website, the selling of our home and relocation to Chelsea, God’s will and timing, and most of all for lost souls to come to Christ.

Thanks and may God bless you all,

Grady and Tricia

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