Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the delay in updating all who have been praying for Blair. I want to thank you all so much for your prayers and I hope you will continue to pray for her and her family.Blair still remains in UAB, but is no longer listed in critical condition. She has been moved to a room there and is still in a coma. Although this message may sound as if there has not been a lot of progress, considering she's still in a coma, SHE IS doing better. Her body (physically) is doing very well, she's breathing better on her own, and she shows somes signs of trying to respond to family members when asked to do so. There are still some inconsistencies there, but any response is considered good progress. A new doctor will be seeing her this week so please continue to pray for her and the doctors as they try to figure out the next steps of treatment for her.Again, this is good news! The fact that Blair is alive, her body is intact and functioning well, and there are some responses from her occasionally means that a miracle has already occurred. Let's pray for continued miracles for this young lady!Thank you again for the many prayers and please continue to pray. Please forward this message on to your prayer chain friends and to anyone you might have copied on my original emails to you. I think it is important for everyone to see how their prayers are working.

Blessings,Karen Elliott

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Anonymous said...

I don't know the circumstances with Blair, but God does, and she is now on our prayer list. We see miracles everyday and it sounds like Blair is one of them. He holds all of our tomorrows and he takes care of his own.

Enjoying the pics, keep them coming I'm enjoying your vacation right along with ya'll. Love the YaYa Sista's......

Frances Chrisenberry