Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband of 6 years years! I have no doubt he is the man God made for me!! Of course we are not perfect and never will be, but he is my best friend! When I am having a bad day he Knows what to do or say to make it better. He is no doubt the best father to our three handsome boys that adore him to pieces! When he walks in the door their eyes light up and mommy time is over:)!! I thank him for all he does to make sure I am able to stay at home and enjoy my babies. I could go on and on, but I won't:)! If you know R.j. Then you know I am one lucky girl!! I thank God for making him for me!! Happy anniversary , I Love you so much!!!

We are in Arizona celebrating and will watch the big game on Monday! I miss my boys but I know they are having fun! I just hope they don't get too much snow! Will update when we get home!!


Annie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Chris, Nichole & Colby! said...

Happy Anniversary..